Paragliding Flight Package “Black Sea”

The “Sea” paragliding package gives you the same experience as the “Pick your Panorama” package, but … with a unique view over the endless Black Sea. Flights have different duration, depending on the sea breeze. Along with the seagulls, we will enjoy the sea of bird’s eye view. Each of the destinations is located near the sea and we can see places that are not accessible by land.

Perfect summer choice for you or for gift

You don’t have to choose your destination in advance with this package. The voucher holder has the option to choose among all the marine locations for flying by paraglider! So, you will be sure that won’t make a wrong choice.

When and where you can use the voucher?


from May to December


  • Продължителност 10-15 мин.
  • Продължителност 20-25 мин.


Flying with paraglider over the sea is a type of slope drifting – in order for it to be performed, wind with specific strenght and direction is needed.

Passenger weight restrictions:
Minimum 40 kg
Maximum 90 kg

Flight booking is made online from the Calendar page

*An informed consent statement will be filled in before the flight. It comes along with the gift package, or else your instructor will provide you with a copy of it.

Why Purchase a Fly Academy Voucher?

Luxurious voucher for paragliding flight in a beautiful envelope
Ultra-long voucher validity 24 months / 36 months
Write down your personalized wish
Beautifully wrapped up voucher in a gift bag
Free Delivery in Bulgaria to any chosen Speedy Shop 
Order your voucher before 15:30, and receive it on the next workday