Paragliding Flight Package “Sofia”


See Sofia otherwise. A city known for its noise and tension actually has another side that will make you fall in love. Towering proudly over the capital, Vitosha Mountain can become the location of your paragliding adventure.

We take off from one of the picturesque slopes. We do the flight in a radius of about 10 km and we reach up to 1200 m in mild weather conditions. That’s where Sofia will reveal to you its unpredictable beauty. The infinite horizon of the Bulgarian capital will fit into your palm. Including the beautiful views of Vitosha mountain, you will get an experience known only by birds.

Adventure at Your Fingertips

If you live in Sofia area, you can easily use this voucher without needing to plan a holiday or having additional costs for traveling. Save a date in your calendar and just fly!

When and where you can use the voucher?



Flight spots around Pernik (village Vitanovtsi and village Rasnik)


from May to October

Flight Duration

Sofia 10-15 min. flight

Sofia 20-25 min. flight

Sofia flight over 45 min.

Further Information

Passenger weight restrictions:

Minimum 40 kg

Maximum 110 kg

Flight booking is made online from the Calendar page

You can read further information regarding flight organization and execution HERE .

*An informed consent statement will be filled in before the flight. It comes along with the gift package, or else your instructor will provide you with a copy of it.

Why Purchase a Fly Academy Voucher?

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